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JaiTridev.com ~ a complete portal on Hinduism

Shri Brahma Ji : Creator God of Hindu Trimurti

Hindu Trimurti Tridev Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Hindu Trimurti Jai Tridev

Hindu Trimurti Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Guru brahmaa Gurur VishhNuH Gururdevo MaheshvaraH .
GuruH Saakshaat Parabrahma Tasmai Shrii GuravenamaH.

Shri Brahma Ji is one of the Hindu Trimurti or Tridev associated with the formation of the universe and so called creator god in Hindu Mythology. The others two Hindu Gods in the trinity are Vishnu and Shiva.

Hindu Tridev / Trimurti

The Hindu Trimurti / Tridev is a concept in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver, and Mahesh (Shiva) the destroyer or transformer. These three deities have been called Tridev ~ the Hindu triad, Great Trinity, often addressed as "Brahma - Vishnu - Maheshvara".

One type of depiction for the Trimurti shows three heads on one neck, and often even three faces on one head, each looking in a different direction.

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