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Kali Maa Kali Hindu Goddess Kali

Shri Kali Ji

Kali Maa Kali Hindu Goddess of Destruction

Shri Kali Ji

Hindu Goddess Kali Ji is one of the many forms of Shakti or energy, which are the forms that are shown to portray woman power. Maa Kali is the most terrifying of all goddesses to be found in the Hindu religion. The word kali comes from the Sanskrit word "Kala". This word means black, time, death, goddess of death. This is quite representative as it shows the world and the people who worship her that nothing escapes from time.

Goddess kali is also figurative of the goddess of death. But, in reality, kali brings about the death of the human ego. In the scripture's Goddess kali is shown to have killed evil spirits. Maa Kali is never shown as having killed anyone else.

Kali has never been linked with Yama, who is the Hindu God of Death. Therefore, although Maa Kali looks violent and angry she is nowhere connected with death.kali maa is considered to be another form of a mother. Maa kali is one of the few Goddesses in the Hindu religion who have never married and have renounced all the worldly and marital pleasures.

When you think of the similarity between Goddess kali and Lord Shiva both of them are shown living in cremation grounds. The Hindu devotees go to the cremation grounds to be able to contemplate and meditate with the main objective of getting over their ego.

Maa Kali is considered to be the kindest and sympathetic toward all the forms of goddesses. Maa Kali is the one who is able to get salvation or liberation for her children. Kali is considered to be in the same position as Shiva as both of them are the destroyers. They bring to destruction all forms of evil, phony and unreal.

In Bengal, Maa Kali festival called Kali Puja on the new moon day of Ashwin month which coincides with Diwali festival.

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Kali Maa Kali Hindu Goddess Kali
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